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Tijdens de zomer (juli en augustus) zijn we elke dag open, telkens van 14u tot 18u.

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Lange Max Museum, Koekelare


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During the summer (july and august), we are open, every day, always from 2 pm to 6 pm.

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Lange Max Museum, Koekelare


Long Max Museum

The Lange Max Museum occupies a unique place in the landscape of the Great War museums. This is because the museum especially pays attention to the German side.

For each visitor, the museum provides appropriate information. The museum is therefore made up of a layer system with the appropriate media. Also for families with children a visit is more than worth.


Gerdi Staelens: 'What I want to say to the interested visitor:'

  • The museum provides information that was not yet known three months before the opening in Koekelare.
  • This museum has the focus on the German side. This Long Max Museum occupies a unique place.
  • Longe Max Museum transcends the local. It has become a regional museum.
  • In fact, you must come to us to understand the western front on the German side better.
  • Probably the best German museum behind the Belgian coastline.
  • Don't you know the difference between Big Bertha and Long Max... definitely come over.
  • Is your partner less fond of WW1? Bring your partner... We show indeed another side of the war.
  • The museum is a modern ICT-do-museum...
  • If you're a little scared because you do not know exactly what a regiment is, don't worry, we teach you in the first monitor.
  • Want to know more about scaffolding on the German side, come along with use.
  • The Long Max Museum doesn't show you just another grenade... the focus is different.

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… is the appropriate base line of the museum


The museum is visually very attractive... Every topic is clearly illustrated. Let yourself be amazed by the unique photos.


The strongly interested visitor can dig in many monitors for interesting information. Be surprised by the new information.


The Lange Max Museum will not bore you. Listen in a relaxing way and learn more detail on each topic.

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